Benson's Bug Bites

Enjoy reading Dr. Eric Benson’s musing on all things bugs.

Aphids on Christmas Tree. Photo Pavel Metluk

Cinara aphids

If you or your clients see Cinara aphids or any unusual insect guests over the holiday, think about how they may have arrived. In many cases it may be plant material or firewood recently brought into the home for the holidays.

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House centipedes are rarely serious pests; however, most people do not like them indoors. The first step in controlling centipedes is removal or altering objects that provide harborage.

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Paper wasp nest

Paper Wasps

Last week, hurricane Zeta blew into Louisiana and, like a freight train, roared across the Southeast and through the Upstate of South Carolina. The storm moved very quickly, and the winds were wild. In the aftermath around our house, Zeta left a heap of leaves, branches and wasps. Yes, wasps.

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Cyrano de Camel Cricket

Cyrano de Bergerac was a fictional French soldier and nobleman with many wonderful talents, but his extremely large nose made him self-conscious and doubtful of his abilities. Alas, a long nose may be the best of all features. Just ask the camel cricket.

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Fall Pollinators

Fall is a time when many insect pests start to move in from outdoor locations to seek shelter in our structures from colder temperatures. When you do a Fall perimeter treatments, just be careful about pollinators.

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dark-winged fungus gnat larval train

Dark-winged fungus gnats

Have you ever ridden on a dark-winged fungus gnat train? My guess is probably not. But if you have ever seen one, you were probably both grossed out and amazed at the same time.

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